Manager's Letter

God is for valiant.

It has been a challenge to have aseptic packaging system (Material, equipment, and engineering service) to be supplied by ANA PACK Group.

Today with my great feeling, I am pleased to say, ANA PACK has developed this milestone achievement on liquid food & beverage packaging system in our market area.

We would like to share this achievement with our partners; UHT milk, Fruit juice, and other liquid food producers, and we are ready to hear their comments and suggestion.

We aim to focus on providing products and services according to international standards for local and exporting markets, and this will be on top of our strategy.

6 Layers Providing Total Protection
Combination of PE, Alu foil and paper board with predefined formula, Shapes a packaging container for Liquid food and beverage.   
1 copy


Protects against moisture

2 copy


For stability & strength

3 copy



4 copy


 Oxygen, flavour & light

5 copy



6 copy


Seals in the liquid

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